The fibromyalgia link-up week 430

WELCOME to Fibro Friday, named because it starts here on Fibro Blogger Directory each Friday and it's about fibro which is the slang version of the word fibromyalgia. (In medical research it is often called FM or FMS which stands for Fibromyalgia syndrome.) 

Fibro Friday is a place where many people who live with fibromyalgia share the link to a recent article they have written about it.

They do so to help others understand more about this chronic pain condition. We hope you can join in and share the link to Fibro Friday so more people can access these articles. 

Last week we had helpful articles about fibro flares, finances, coping during pregnancy, mindfulness, sleep and more. 

The fibromyalgia link-up week 430

The fibromyalgia link-up week 430

Fibro Friday link-up week 429

WELCOME to this week's Fibromyalgia link-up. Thanks for dropping by and helping to spread awareness of fibromyalgia. We'd love you to drop your link below, maybe leave a comment and tell us where you are visiting from, visit some of the links from this week or last week and even share this link -up with others. 

Fibro Friday link-up week 429

Fibro Friday link-up week 429

It's Fibro Friday week 428! Reach out and share.

WELCOME to this week's Fibromyalgia link-up which is all about show-casing bloggers from all around the world who write about Fibromyalgia. We have regular participants from Australia, Argentina, UK, USA, Taiwan, Canada, New Zealand, and Fiji. 

We hope you can join in and share your blog post too. We would love to catch up and get to know you and your experiences or any information you are sharing about this chronic pain condition. 

It's Fibro Friday week 428 the fibromyalgia link-up

Fibro Friday week 427

WELCOME to Fibro Friday at Fibro Blogger Directory - it starts on a Friday and runs all week! Here at the link-up you are invited to:

1. Share a link to a fibromyalgia related post of yours.

2.  Visit the links, explore some blogs, and learn more about fibromyalgia and what others living with it have to say.

3. Share this link-up on your own social media to help spread fibro awareness. In turn your link will also be shared far and wide.

4. Leave a comment and let us know more about you and your blog.

So why is the butterfly used in the images this week and often in relation to fibromyalgia? There are many reasons given but one is explained well by one of the members of Fibro Blogger Directory -  The butterfly is embraced as a symbol of Fibromyalgia awareness. Soft as breath, nearly weightless, it is an excellent allegory to the impact even the lightest touch has on a Fibromyalgia patient. ~ Leah Tyler, Chronicles OF F.I.B.R.O.

Fibro Friday week 427 at Fibro Blogger Directory