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Do you have some free time this week?

Did you think we forgot about Fibro Friday this week? Maybe you thought it was you?
I'm not even sure what happened but here it is so... WELCOME to Fibro Friday and hope you can join in by adding your blog link or visiting some links. Leaving a comment would be much appreciated by all.


Fibro Friday Link Up for fibro bloggers

Welcome to Fibro Friday no. 26!

Hope you can participate in Fibro Friday this week by visiting some of the blogs below or adding a link to one of your own fibro related posts. We would love you to join in.

Fibro Friday link up up party: tell it how it is

Don't be scared to tell it how it is here at Fibro Friday, where you can link up any of your posts about Fibromyalgia - be real, share your range of thoughts, feelings and opinions about fibro and how it affects you because others really want to know.Help others understand whats really happening for people with fibro.

Fibro Friday: spreading fibromyalgia awareness

Fibro Friday  link up party for fibromyalgia
Hi everyone, it's week 16 here at Fibro Friday.
Thanks for dropping by.

Fibro Friday week 15

fibromyalgia link up
These fabulous fibro bloggers joined in at Fibro Friday last week - you can join in too... We would love it if 15 fibro bloggers put a post here in the link up (seeing it is week 15). Please join in now...

Fibro Friday had a holiday and now we're back!

fibro friday


Let's create a twitter storm on Fibro Awareness

Creating a twitterstorm on twitter
Tweets getting ready to fly on twitter

Are you on Twitter? Then join in with other fibro bloggers and tweeters to create a twitter storm.

What is a Twitter storm?

A Twitter storm is an increase in activity surrounding one specific topic on Twitter and ours will be Fibro.
Using one hashtag, the tweet quickly spreads all around the world as people are notified of the message and then reuse the hashtag in tweets and retweets.

Techopedia explains Twitterstorm

When a specific tweet and hashtag are tweeted and retweeted quickly enough, the hashtag is included on Twitter's "trending" list and displayed to all Twitter users, even those who are not a member of the hashtag user's list of followers. This often leads to the original message or hashtag crossing to other social media sites or the mainstream media, resulting in much deeper penetration into the collective conscience.

A Twitter storm is a good way to quickly spread awareness. 

We just need to decide the day for our twitter storm and the hashtag e.g. FibroAwareness 

If you would like to join in the twitter storm around Fibromyalgia simply add your twitter tag (e.g. @fibrobloggers) in the comments.

If you prefer you can contact me on twitter using #infibrostorm


Welcome to Fibro Friday. Please join us

Fibro Friday starts on Friday and runs all week. Last week we had a fabulous mixed bag of posts about energy in fibromyalgia, supplements that help, finding new hobbies, a petition request, chest pain, the 10 best things about fibro and pain poetry.

connect with other fibro bloggers
My daily inspiration

First ever Fibro Friday up now

fibro friday


Join in for Pain Awareness Month at Fibro Bloggers

pain awareness month
Hi everyone,
In September you can join in with Fibro Bloggers Directory on promoting understanding of pain that people with fibromyalgia experience.
If you have a post about pain please share it here (in comments) so we can compile it into a resource for everyone to understand the types of fibro pain that exist.
On twitter you can share your tweets about pain under #fibropain or you can retweet our tweets.
On facebook, tumblr we have picture quotes that you can share and use in your posts. 
On pinterest we have fibro boards already and have started a new one called Pain Awareness. This is a community board which means you can post there. Please have a look.
We hope you are inspired to help others so they can get real stories about fibro pain from real people.

We are a tribe

Have you heard of the idea of a blogging tribe? A tribe is a group of like-minded people and that is what Fibro Blogger Directory is all about.
Having a blogging tribe takes the concept of a blogging community to another level so that it is more supportive, more personal, more of a community.

There are lots of great people here on Fibro Blogger Directory and they all have a lot in common with you. Besides having fibromyalgia and blogging about it they are looking to get their posts read and shared too, just like you and me. Sharing cool blog posts is a great way to help each other, interact, feel good and spread the fibro message.

So why not visit a few blogs on the Directory and if you find one you like share it through your social media. Do you have twitter,  facebook,  pinterest or tumblr? You can connect with us there.


Following fibro on facebook

fibromyalgia awareness writers

Are you on facebook?
This is a great way to share stories and resources and promote your blog.
If you would like to post your stories to the facebook page of Fibro Bloggers Directory just like us on facebook.
We would love to promote your facebook page and your fibro posts. We will also be having some competitions on facebook next month with some comforting prizes.

Connecting with the fibro community also helps to promote fibromyalgia awareness...the world really does need to realize how many people have fibromyalgia with real faces and real blogs and real stories not just statistics. "Together everyone achieves more. There are no limits to what we can accomplish together." W. Amos


And the winners are...

The entries have been tallied and checked.

To be winners in this, our first ever Fibro Blogger Directory contest, meant you read other fibro bloggers' posts and left comments on those blogs and of course that you recorded these comments here in our contest box.

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition.

Believe it or not there was a tie for 1st place and the most engaged bloggers, entering our competition, were Bonnie from My Ordinary Simple Fibro Life! (Yeah Right!) and Shelley from Chronic Mom.

1. Bonnie from My Ordinary Simple Fibro Life! (Yeah Right!)
and Shelley from Chronic Mom.
2. Donna at Fibro Geek. 
3. Kimberly at My Fibro Energy.


Fibro Bloggers contest starts today

Let's all join together and get this thing started. More visitors to our sites, more comments, more involvement and connection...sounds good doesn't it?

It helps our sites but ultimately it helps the fibro cause, as many people are seen to be involved in what Fibromyalgia is all about and how it affects so many people.

It's so easy to join in  -
1. just visit other members of Fibro Bloggers Directory* and
2. leave a comment on any of their posts. One comment equals 2 points in the competition.
3. call back here and get your points for each person you visit by adding them on Rafflecopter.
4. If you cannot use the Rafflecopter, for any reason, please leave a list below of the url or url's you have visited.

How to Win
The person with the most points on Rafflecopter wins. Rafflecopter will tally the votes.

What you win
The top 8 to 10 winners will be put in Fibro Blogs of Note on the Fibro Bloggers Directory site.
They will be promoted on facebook and twitter and Pinterest and tumblr.

CONDITIONS:  The winners must have a Fibro Blogger Directory badge on their site. The existence of their comments will be checked.

* Go to the Directory or Alphabetical list and work your way through

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Fibro Blogs of Note Contest

Look in the right sidebar and you will see that FIBRO BLOGS OF NOTE is empty...

This is in preparation for our new competition arriving tomorrow where you can win some prizes, get more visitors and comments on your site and make some friends and visit some too all without leaving the comfort of your home. Who could ask for more?

Call back here tomorrow for all the details. We love helping fibro bloggers feel fabulous.


Excited to announce a fibro bloggers competition

connecting fibro bloggers
Yes at Fibro Blogger Directory we are all about connecting fibro bloggers and helping others so we will be announcing a competition to do just that very the next couple of days...just finalising the prizes right now.
So if you are blogging about fibromyalgia stay tuned.


Quick Survey on Digestive Health – [$10 for Your Opinion]

Add is conducting a quick survey on digestive health among its members* and would like to invite you to participate.
Upon receipt of feedback from eligible patients, will send you a $10 Mastercard gift card. (Offer good for US residents only).Please respond quickly - this survey will only be open for a short time.
Thank you for your support,
Your team
NOTE: You must complete a 3 question eligibility screen before completing this survey. Completing the eligibility screen alone does NOT qualify you for the $10 compensation.

*it is free to join where you get free interaction checks, safety alerts and recalls on your medicines.caption


Fibro Bloggers Unite


Connect with other bloggers by commenting on their blogs, visiting their blogs and following their blogs. This is advice that gets included in almost every post ever written on how to grow a blog’s visitors. This seems pretty basic to me but maybe some people just don't get it so I have written here, in point form, the benefits of visiting other fibro bloggers blogs both from how you benefit and how the condition of Fibromyalgia benefits.

Visiting other peoples blogs makes your own blog stronger:
  • Leaving comments gets you new readers.
  • Following "brands" your blog and gets you exposure.
  • Educates you on what makes a good post and a good blog.
  • Helps you see what topics are engaging audiences.
  • Helps you see what you have to offer that others don't.
Visiting other people's blogs:
  • Provides a united front.
  • Helps everyone see Fibromyalgia has many faces and voices; we are a large group, a strong group, a supportive group. 
  • Convinces the world to see there are a lot of people connecting and talking about Fibromyalgia ( "maybe they are not crazy, maybe there is something to this, maybe we should listen, maybe we will do something about this!")

I have left the MOST IMPORTANT POINT till last:  as chronic pain sufferers, visiting other's blogs helps us get a connection with others, we see other real people going through the same things as us and we do not feel so alone.
So whether you want to help your own blog get more readers or help the cause of Fibromyalgia please visit other Fibro Bloggers blogs. We have made it easy for you here - just go to the Directory and visit one or two (or more) a day. Thank you for your continued support.